Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trion: Steal These Ideas

For this installment to the Ascended Chronicle, I thought I'd do something a little different.  Recently, I've been playing some Guild Wars 2 and have come to love some of the ideas therein.  Before any assumptions are made, I generally play two MMOs at a time and Rift is on lock as one of those until the day should come that Trion turns off the servers.

So with that out of the way, I've created a video for your viewing (dis)pleasure wherein I cover some of the concepts in Guild Wars 2 that I would really like to see Rift adopt.  Before we begin, here are some caveats to consider:
  1. I have never once in my life made a video before so my overall skillset in working with videos is severely lacking.
  2. The video is long (20+ minutes).  This was partly done because I didn't want to "rush" through any of the concepts but, undoubtedly, another reason behind its length is simply because I took a bit long to cover some of the concepts and, in my opinion, talked too much as well.
So, without further ado (lol adieu), take a look and, afterwards, let me know your thoughts!


  1. Hey, just wanted to drop by and say that I liked your video. One thing, though, is your idea of Rift needing "vistas." We already have that, to a point. While it's not exactly the same, there are many achievements based on getting to hard-to-reach areas and special areas (like the dancing squirrels). Along with this, there are cairns which also often require going to what you could consider as "vistas."

    Either way, great video!

  2. Excellent video and have to agree with everything you have said. I havn't bought GW2 but have been watching some livestreams. I thought exactly the same way about the vistas as soon as I saw one.

    I also agree with Raptorak that it is already in the game. However I think with the system on GW2 they are clearly stated on the world map as an objective whereas in Rift people may not really know about a specific achievement or not really care for achievements. One reason people may do it on GW2 is that when you're in a zone at the bottom of the map it states how many things you have done in that zone, for example, 5/11 vistas. So people are constantly reminded that there is more to get. Like I said, I don't have GW2 so there may be some reward for 100% completion of a zone, very much like Rift's achievement rewards.

  3. Anon's got it! I've played Rift for a solid year or so, started raiding GSB when it and been playing through ID. I. Do. Now. Care. About. Achievements. I just feel so eh about them, like they're out of the way.

    But GW2? I have the "8/9" Vistas message right there, teasing me, asking WHY HAVE YOU NOT FOUND ME??!?!!? Something about GW2 compels me to find every POI & Vista and fill out every piece of that map. I think it's partly that instantaneous feedback. In Rift, you complete a cheeve, and you never see more of it, except maybe a title or a sheeping wand. And I guess some loot that's meh. But in GW2, it's always there, mocking you. Plus, you get exp and some phat loot for completing all the map objectives.

  4. About the items you want Rift to "steal"
    1)I really like the idea of environmental noise and city noise! It could be neat to have Meridian sound bustly and humming, make it feel LIVED IN. I also liked the way your character spoke when she cast spells. As for music that reflects the zone, I agree, Rift's music is a little...disjointed. It's constantly getting interupted by things. Player and NPC's vocalization as well as background noise are all good things.
    2)Vistas. Yes there are something similar to that in game like they said, buuut, is that a cut scene you get when you reach it? If so, wow, that would be cool for Rift to do. I'd really like to reach the top of a high mountain and get a cut scene of the surrounding mountains. It's very beautiful. Just simple little things like that would do wonders for people.

    3)The jump puzzles look so fun and neat! Trion should definitely add a few long, journey like puzzle challenges or something like these, with rewards at the end. Hell it doesn't even have to have a reward, I'd do it anyway! It looks so amazing and fun! I would love to see one of these in every zone. You could even change them depending on the zone's climate and geography! Like mountain path challenges, leafy ones, etc. It seems really neat! And oh boy did you go way up there. I'd love to see that.

    4)The AH stuff. For the first half of your AH idea, I don't really like it, sorry. I like visiting a capital city to get your business done. I know it's inconvenient at times, especially if your off in Shimmersand or up in Stillmore. But if you can access things from anywhere, even if you still have to go to a nearby town to "pick up" your mail, that means less people will visit Meridian or Sanctum. There would be less of a reason for having those cities. I like cities filled with players running about doing things! For the second part of your AH stuff...omg wow. I absolutely LOVE that idea! That would be awesome in boosting the crafting aspect of Rift. We really need something to give it a bit of a kick in the pants, as it's not something people go out of their way to do anymore. I think having orders that you request and that crafters can see and make for you is ingenius! What a clever idea. That gives crafters something to look forward to when they are crafting, or something to do with all those darn recipes they can get from rep vendors. I know I've bought those expensive rare recipes for my weaponsmith in the zones, but I've only ever crafted one once, for a lower lvl alt. It would be more meaningful to see that someone out there has a desire for what you can make. Than you can craft it and send it out there for them. You did something worthwhile with your profession, you actually had a use for those rare recipes. I like it a lot. I think Trion should do that.

    Summary: I really liked your video. It was well thought out, well spoken, and it was respectful and reasonable to both games involved. The continuous use of "steal" got me a bit uneasy I admit, since it's such a...harsh word, but still, you did a good job. PS=omg that game is BEAUTIFUL. I might just have to buy it simply for the amazing and beautiful scenery. I'm a total exploration and open world nut. I love beautiful scenery. Sunsets over a lake, high mountain views with mist below me, a long, flat shimmering desert, I can sit and stare at it for hours. That's just the way I am. That's why I'm a bit disappointed that Rift is so graphics heavy. You can't really enjoy the beauty of the game unless your settings are set pretty high. On the low or fair settings, you just see....a world. It's rather dull, it's rather's rather depressing. On high setting it turns into an amazing new world full of ambiance, shading, sunlight, waving leaves, clouds, even the sound of thunder! It depresses me that my old computer couldn't handle it and I had to buy a new one just to experience the epicness that is the Rift world.

    1. Thanks, Verhysa!

      As to 1, 2, and 3, I'm glad we agree! As to 4, I understand where you're coming from and it definitely is a consideration that capital cities would be less crowded as a result.

      As to the graphics in GW2, I had the game *almost* maxed for the video. I don't think I had DX11 tessellation on.

  5. Hey Syn,

    Exceptional video. I was actually working on something similar last night for Skyrift (which I'm bringing back).

    Whats really interesting about GW2 is that when I am playing it I love so much about the game in terms of running around etc. Yet I always miss the soul system.

    While you hit upon two of the bigget things I think Rift would do well to look at using; Vista cut scenes (which are in game btw, for something really cool go to Swamp of Sorrows and wait for Shadow Behemoth to spawn, then trigger the vista there, you will see something amazing). Jumping Puzzles and general world ambience and music. I do think the GW2 AH is amazing especially crafting orders. Which brings me to a few things I think Rift should also look at.

    Crafting: Possibly the best crafting in any MMO I have ever played, its extremely deep and very creative with its discover system. Its also exztremely good exp, and batch crafting makes things alot less tedious (the more items you make the faster the crafting goes).

    PVP Mini Games: If you don't know what this one is, check out Keg Brawl on youtube. Its essentially a pvp rugby match with a keg as a ball. Sorta. Though its pvp its also a mini game because you only have the abilities the gamne gives you. You have a set core of abilites and then you have other abilities when you have the keg. Its immensely fun and could easily become a esport in its own right.

    The biggest thing though for me is,

    WvW: Everyone is talking about it. How its the best open pvp system we have had since DAOC. And its true, even though its not actually open (its instanced, just on a long timer, 2 weeks once things settle down). I think Rift and other games need to take this idea right now cause after GW2 you have TESO from the man who made DAOC coming and you know thats going to have 3 faction open world castle seige pvp. What makes WvW compelling is that like Conquest you have global bonuses. Unlike Conquest its a point system and maps are huge and very spread out, allowing for alot of players to be doing different things other than just zerging. Its not without its problems though which gives Trion some areas to improve. For one the incentive is lacking. In DAOC you had a pvp world dungeon that opened to whoever controlled the majority of the frontier's. This massive pvp dungeon not only had a large open world raid area, but also you could move between each factions "entrance" and get pvp action as well as wiping out raids headed for the boss. It also seems that the maps are a little TOO big at times, especially for a smaller pvp population like Rift. 3 maps the size of say Scarlet Gorge would make alot more sense to me.

    Anyways, sorry for the wall of text. Great video.

    1. Awesome points, Khellendros. Thanks for the insights as well into some things I can now look forward to in GW2!

      I haven't done any crafting yet in GW2 as I'm just enjoying exploring and running around but I do plan to make another video in the near future covering some of the other ideas I've noticed as well as ideas that many others such as yourself have pointed out. I plan to have that up over this weekend hopefully if time allows.

      I'm on board with everything you're saying.

  6. Great vid.

    Ambiance: Good thought. Rift is terrible for immersion. I personally found your GW2 sounds to be a little... artificial and overdone. But there has been games that REALLY nail it. LoTRO is my favourite for this. The environment there is alive, and you can feel it. Impressive, considering its age.

    Vistas: Not bad, and as you say, easy to implement. However, your argument loses merit by involving a jump puzzle! God I hate jump puzzles!

    AH: I don't find the Access Anywhere particularly useful, but Buy Orders are indeed awesome. Rift's economy has some serious work to do. There's little use for crafting save for bridging a gear gap. I love EvE;s economy, in that everything is player crafted. Perhaps that is too extreme for a traditional MMO, but something's gotta be better than what we got.

    1. Oh, on the crafting thing... I don't know anything about GW2 Crafting, but LoTRO's crafting really appealed to me. Not only were the best items craftable, but recipes had a critical success. Either accept a lesser version of an item, or keep crafting for a chance to get a perfect version. Great for stimulating the economy!

  7. Turtle beach headset ftw! I got the same one lol

    I liked the video, and the jump puzzles rewards was hourly but not sure about that anymore. Also if you do the puzzle and get pushed over to the overflow you can get the chest again, not sure if its a glitch or what.