Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Synovia's Pre-Storm Legion Quality of Life Wish List

Greetings, all!  Synovia here and, after a modest hiatus from being able to type effectively due to a broken arm, I'm now back and fired up for Storm Legion!  Rift has come a long way and with Storm Legion, I can say with both confidence and first-hand experience that's it's going even further.  Although I can't talk about specifics of the last beta because, like anyone that participated I'm under NDA, I can tell you that there is much to look forward to.  The zones are huge.  The new city is amazing.  Dimensions are ridiculously cool and the new souls are absolutely fantastic.  Rest assured we're all in for a serious treat come November 13, 2012.

With that said, I'm afraid I can't go into any further detail at this time so I'd like to switch gears.  Instead of talking about what's to come, I'd like to discuss the present and, in particular, offer a wish list for simple, quality of life changes I would absolutely love to see in Rift before Storm Legion hits store shelves.  I'm going to offer these up in a simple list format so feel free to add to the list yourself should you see something missing that you'd really like!
  1. Auto-sort Checkbox.  Please make this checkbox persist between sessions.  I use this feature a lot and I also log in and out of the game a lot.  It's very annoying to have the check it every time.
  2. Auto-sort for Bank.  It's a great feature for the player inventory so let's extend it to the bank as well.  Adding it to the guild bank could also be a plus.
  3. Automatic Deposit of Crafting Items.  Guild Wars 2 allows you to automatically deposit any crafting items in your personal inventory directly to your bank from anywhere in the world.  This is an amazing feature I'd love to see in Rift.
  4. Default to First AH Item. When using the AH, it's very common that I'm buying multiple auctions.  For example, I might be buying Exquisite Whetstones or Heroic Powersurge Vials to stock up for raids.  Currently, when you buyout any auction, your "selection" goes away and you have to click the next auction you want to buyout before being able to do so.  Please automatically select the next auction in the list for us.  In many cases it will save a click.
  5. Loop Music. This one has been asked for countless times in the past so what's one more attempt?  Rift has some great music but, unfortunately, you rarely get to hear it as it is cut up and split about into snippets.  Only a few examples exist where we actually get to  hear a full song so I'd like a loop music interface option that allows the music to play continuously.
  6. Soul Tree Unlock.  This idea was proposed on the Rift forums here.  Essentially, allow trainers to enable us to "unlock" the soul trees to play around with the points without having to untrain all souls and start from scratch.  The desire for this undoubtedly comes from the regularity with which we all adjust our builds only slightly.
  7. Remove Falling Damage in Conquest.  How fun would it be if you could leap from cliffs without the threat of death?  How much quicker would battles appear in Stillmoor if you could ride a relatively straight line to your destination instead of having to trek a mile off the beaten path?  Many complain that Conquest isn't even PvP so let's get the fighting started sooner rather than later.
  8. Reward 2-3 Unseen/Eye Notoriety per Honorable Kill in Warfronts.  This, to me, is a no-brainer.  I've been a long-time advocate of the reduction in tedious grinds in Rift and ever since PvP Rifts went the way of the normal dungeon, the treadmill for this particular notoriety has been particularly painful.
I debated about waiting to publish this post in the interest of adding more to the above list but, given the timing, I feel it's appropriate.  What are your thoughts on these 8 items and what simple enhancements would you want in Rift before Storm Legion?  You can respond in the comments below or in the official thread on the Rift forums.

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  1. I was unaware of the auto-sort for the bank as I missed the little icon in the top-right. Thanks for pointing that out!

    As for the music looping, it does not in most zones. It appears, however, that they have remedied this in Storm Legion as the zones seem to have more of a "theme" and more "music" to be heard.