Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Latest on Storm Legion

***Before you begin reading, know that this post contains massive spoilers for the expansion.***

Oh expansion time!  How I love thee!  Expansions can breathe new life into a decaying setting.  They can even clean the slate and provide a fresh start.  However, in the case of Storm Legion, Trion is doing neither.  Instead, they're taking a product happily situated at 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 and notching it up to 13 on that same scale.  And with any expansion, there's always the build-up.  Ah ,yes, the build-up: the steady line of information that paces our jubilation that if done without would result in a collective explosion of heads.

Today, Gamespot has loosed a video packed full of intriguing insights and amazing announcements regarding Storm Legion.  And if the alliteration wasn't enough to make it obvious, let it be clear that this is not just another video about known, stale information.  Rather, Gamespot has provided quite a bit of completely new information to whet our appetites.  You can find the video here.

So what did we learn today?  Quite a lot, actually!  Here's a laundry list of every revelation provided.  Do note I am purposely omitting what I consider to be stale information we were already aware of.
  • Geography
    • 11 New zones
    • A new zone called Morban which is very "dark" and "deathly".  The trees and monster models were particularly impressive.
    • A new zone called Seratos which is a life-based land that has been recently taken over by the plane of death.  In particular, they visited a very gloomy area called "The Pus Swamp".
  • Raiding and Dungeons
    • A new sliver (10m raid instance)
    • A world boss where you are standing on floating platforms the boss will try to knock you off of.  A jump puzzle is present to get you back up to the platforms should you fall.
    • New Dungeon: Unhallowed Boneforge featuring amazing monster models and a "disgusting, frightening" theme of flesh-born constructs and bone.
    • The Regulos raid features pulsating, corridors and walls of flesh.  You will also fight Kain (the zone event boss from Stillmoor) in his reanimated and "ultimate" (huge and grotesque) form.
  • PvP
    • New Conquest maps (note the 's' for plurality)
    • A brand new Warfront and new modes for many existing Warfronts
  • Dimensions
    • Multi-selection of world object available
    • Items will come from almost anywhere in game but crafting will play a huge role
    • Full addon support with XML hooks to do a wide array of interesting things.  One specific example the speaker noted was that he had already seen addons in play that make mathematical models of dimensional objects and allow you to recreate those exact objects in any dimension so long as you have the necessary items in your inventory.
    • Guild quest master in your dimensions
    • Bartenders and other NPCs
    • Minigames are in the works
    • Combat in dimensions is disabled at the moment while Trion tests the load dimensions put on the servers but the plan is to eventually remove this restriction
    • Golem Foundry dungeon slated to be a guild dimension
  • Guilds 
    • Now cap at level 25
  • Miscellaneous
    • All new music across the entire expansion and just the few songs I heard during the video were AMAZING
    • The infinity gate unlocks access to the planes and Trion is already planning their next expansion.  This next expansion will (he hinted at this) focus on taking the fight into the planes themselves.
Quite honestly, the first thing that comes to mind upon reading through the list and considering what we already know about Storm Legion is a blatantly cliche "holy shit...".  I spent 7 years of my life in Azeroth hanging by every thread of information revealed for World of Warcraft's many expansions yet Storm Legion already makes each of them look trivial by comparison.  I've already taken the 12th, 13th and 14th off of work for vacation but it would seem I may consider dropping from 15th from my work calendar as well.

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